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Helping You Buy Your Next Home…

Before you start your property search, it's always an idea to remember the following:

Be prepared to view as soon as possible – The best properties in the market generate the most interest, so don’t waste time when it comes to viewing what could be your next home.

Put yourself in a position to buy – Qualify yourself for a mortgage as soon as possible. When buying a property, it is worth providing your estate agent with as much information as possible, from your property being chain free to your readiness to proceed with the purchase. Being in a position to buy also helps purchasers to see that you are ready and in a position to commit to a sale.

View, then view again – Try to view the property twice, if possible at different times of the day. Consider viewing at weekends, when everyone is at home and at rush hour on a  busy weekday, to check how local roads may be affected by congestion. If this property is to be yours, then you need to have as much information as possible about not only the house but also the surrounding area.

Look beneath the surface – When buying a property it is important to make an impartial judgement based on every aspect. Make sure you distinguish between major work and ‘cosmetic’ work. Don’t let your judgment be clouded and, if possible, arrange for an experienced builder / electrician / other necessary contractor to attend the property with you and advise you on the possibility and likely cost of any anticipated work. This is also very useful for yourself to consider when deciding on what sort of offer you may look to make.

Protect yourself – Property surveys may be an extra expense, but they can uncover any major defects which may help you renegotiate on price or may even make you reconsider whether the property is right for you. the purchase. There are 3 major types of survey available and we can offer advice on which one would be best suited to you and your desired property. You can also conduct your own primary research by reviewing the local schools, shops, parking, transport and neighbours to get a good feel of what it will be like to live there. 

Don't rule out offering the full asking price - If you find your ideal home, do consider offering the full asking price to avoid losing out. By bidding correctly and accurately for your desired property you stand a much greater chance of securing the house without being outbid or rivaled. Often properties may have several interssted parties looking to offer, and offering what you feel is the maximum you can ultimately saves time and puts you in a much greater position of having your offer accepted quickly and smoothly.

Ask lots of direct questions about the property – If this is going to be the property of your dreams then ask as many questions as you can about it before making any offer. Remember to ask about any previous building work that has been undertaken, as well as any major faults that have been highlighted.

Remember, Burns and Reid Sales and Lettings works for the vendor – We are working on behalf of the seller who has instructed us to sell their property quickly and for the best price, so with this in mind, it is important to be willing and eager to view properties so that you’re top of our list to call. Remember to stay in regular contact so that we can keep you notified of properties which may be suitable for you and that best meet your requirements. After viewing a property, we will contact you for your feedback so that we can relay this to the vendor. Please be as specific and honest as you can be, as this really helps us to help you in your search.

Don't be put off by a property that is on the market at a low price compared to others in the area – In this housing market some of the best deals are sold on behalf of developers and lenders and are priced to sell quickly. These properties include some of the best value houses around, so remember to give these your consideration. It is vital to view these to make your own judgment. Sometimes keeping an open mind can allow you to find a hidden gem at a great price!

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