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When you’ve been letting a property, whether it’s been for just six months or six years, the tenant should make sure the place is clean and tidy before they leave.

A good landlord will require the property to be in a tip-top and sparkling condition ready for the new tenants so we often get asked; “What do I need to do for end of tenancy cleaning?”

By setting the standards high from the start, you’re more likely to attract the right kind of tenant, one who is likely to keep the property nice and clean in future.

So, how do you go about cleaning your property?

We are experts at letting and managing properties in Warrington and we have bags of experience when it comes to advising landlords about this very topic, so we’ve put together a seven point checklist for you as a handy guide.

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Step 1: Check Over the Whole Property

After your tenant has left, and you’ve done the checks to make sure nothing is damaged or needs to be replaced, walk through the property and make a checklist.

Start at the front door and work your way around, noting down what needs to be done. Being methodical will help you to get it all done efficiently.

Take a photo of each room, as then you will have a record of ‘before’, ready to compare with the ‘after’ shot.

Step 2: Wipe Down Doors and Sills

Wipe down the tops of doors, the skirting boards and window sills. Give everything a good scrub and get any thick dust off. Then you can use polish to buff up to a real shine. Open the windows to let in the fresh air too.

Use quality cleaning products because they will ensure a better job done!

Step 3: Clean Sockets and Switches

Plug sockets are in most rooms and are where you’ll often find a layer of dust. Sometimes the plastic coverings will need a good clean too to get rid of grubby marks. This also goes for light switches which attract dirty finger marks.

Don’t forget that electrics can be dangerous, so take extra care when cleaning sockets.

Step 4: Scrub the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most used part of a home and is the area most likely to need a good, thorough scrub.

Make sure that not only do you clean the surfaces and cupboard doors with disinfectant and anti-bacterial products, but that you also clean inside the cupboards and drawers too.

Vacuum them first to pick up the crumbs, then wipe them down. You can use a specific anti-bacterial spray to make sure they are super clean and fresh.

When it comes to the oven and hob, you can of course clean these yourself, but we think this is an area where you should consider getting a professional in. They will use powerful cleaners and put the elbow grease in to make them come up super clean.

Step 5: Freshen the Bathroom

This important room of the house is often kept nice and clean and hygienic. But, it will still need a good anti-bacterial spray and bleach to make it spot on.

From the taps to the shower, and from the toilet to the bath, go over everything thoroughly. In fact, you may want to use a toothbrush to get into all those tight spaces in the shower unit, around the taps and in the grouting.

Ensure the light covers are clean and any bulbs replaced if necessary. Also, either vacuum or wash the grills of the vents too as these can often get clogged up with dust.

Step 6: Utilise the Vacuum!

When you are using a vacuum cleaner, you’re obviously going to be cleaning the floors, carpets, tiles or vinyl. But, also use a vacuum to get annoying cobwebs out of ceiling corners or in lampshades. Vacuum behind furniture, along the skirtings and any furniture itself too.

You may want to consider getting professional carpet cleaners in if you don’t want to hire a machine.

Step 7: Clear Your Drains and Gutters

If your property has drains and gutters, make sure they are cleaned out and water can run freely. This will stop debris from building up and causing blockages, which can be costly to fix. This job is particularly important in Autumn and Winter.

We have many years of experience in letting and managing properties, and we also know some fantastic tradespeople in and around Warrington so we can recommend them.

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