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LEVELS of floodwater across Warrington are starting to fall due to improving weather conditions over the past 24 hours, the council has confirmed.

In a joint statement issued this morning, Friday, Warrington Borough Council’s chief executive, Professor Steven Broomhead MBE, and director of public health, Thara Raj, said that the priority remains getting people back home as soon as possible.

Around 100 people have been evacuated from their homes in the town, as well as other residents that have voluntarily left and sought accommodation independently.

The council says it is continuing to provide support to affected residents and their families alongside its partner agencies.

The statement reads: “Thankfully, due to the improving weather conditions over the last 24 hours, we are seeing a reduction in flooding levels across the borough and power has been restored to some properties.

“Although this is a reassuring picture, we are still aware that a number of homes remain affected by the flooding, with those in the most severely affected homes remaining evacuated.

“There are also several roads still closed. We have worked with our partners, including housing providers, to secure alternative accommodation for those most at risk.

“Our priority remains getting people back home as soon as possible.

“In the meantime, for affected residents and families who have chosen to remain at home despite their properties being breached or their locality being affected by the floods, please stay at home if you are able to do so.”

As the risk of further flooding reduces, the council is warning residents to remain Covid-aware, especially given the risk of transmission through acts of kindness.

“Wherever possible please avoid going to any community venues that may have opened, as people congregating indoors poses significant risks of coronavirus being transmitted,” the statement continues.

“We have seen many gestures of kindness and goodwill from our communities who are offering support to those affected.

“If you are receiving food or supplies from others, please make absolutely sure that you remain socially distanced, that you practice good hand hygiene and wear a face covering where necessary.

“Coronavirus can, and will, spread very easily and will take advantage of any occasion where people are gathering or sharing supplies that may be being passed around.

“If you are able to go out to the shops for essentials, in line with the current coronavirus national restrictions, please be extra cautious on the roads and pavements, as there is a risk of surface water flooding and weather-related debris in places.

“Please do not drive or walk through any flood water – this is often deeper than it looks and there could be unseen hazards underneath the water, such as raised manhole covers.”

The council is asking homeowners concerned about damage to property to speak to their insurance companies.

Those living in rented accommodation or social housing should contact their housing provider or landlord, who will be able to provide support.

If you need any further guidance or support, please call the council on 01925 443322, but patience is urged as phone lines remain busy.

If you are struggling to source food, feeling worried or isolated, find out more about the council’s safe and well scheme by visiting