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We've noticed a trend recently. You love your home, you love the St Helens area, but you've also realised that you need somewhere new. Perhaps somewhere larger, somewhere with a bigger garden, somewhere closer to the town or countryside, or even somewhere a little smaller.

Yes, it appears you've got a dose of 'ready to move', and what better time than a brand new year - a time often linked with new beginnings and fresh starts.

But how do you find the best estate agent in St Helens?

What questions should you ask?

As property experts in the St Helens area, the Burns and Reid team want to share seven of our crucial tips so that you can choose the best estate agent for you.

1. Phone a Friend

Ask for recommendations. Friends and family can point you in the right direction of the best estate agent in St Helens and equally they can steer you away from the ones to avoid! Ask them if they've had a great experience with a particular agent, and enquire about how communicative, knowledgeable and friendly the agent was. Did the agent get the job done and achieve the asking price or above?

Tip: Social media is your friend! If you're a member of a Facebook community group in St Helens, post your questions in the group. While you're there check out estate agents' profiles to discover more about their local area knowledge and understand how they interact with the local community. At Burns and Reid we are proactive on social media so feel free to reach out to us with any questions. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

2. Read Reviews

Check out estate agents reviews online. Facebook and Google reviews can give you an insight into other customers experiences. Have a read through to get a good idea as to whether or not an agent is worth shortlisting. You can read our reviews here.

Tip: Always have an open mind when reading reviews, because while most will be balanced reviews, some may not be.

3. Check the Agents Website

If you have a couple of shortlisted estate agents, check out their websites. Compare the services they offer. Try not to get hung up on fees as the cheapest isn't always the best service! Research where the agent markets their properties and check out their social media feeds.

Tip: If you're comparing, you need to ensure you know what you want your chosen estate agent to do for you. Write a wish list of your requirements.

4. Check Fees and T&Cs

When it comes to the best estate agent in St Helens, each agent will offer a slightly different service, and each will have a different way of operating. You'll see some with high street offices, some online-only agents, and hybrid agencies that blend traditional with online. Each has its advantages and disadvantages depending on your individual requirements, but always check the small print and look at the overall service. To find out how we can help you, call into our office at 27 Lynton Way, or telephone us for a chat on 01744 752898.

Tip: Do some research and decide whether you want a sole agency agreement, or if you would like multiple agents to market your property. It's important to read the contractual obligations if you choose the latter.

5. Review your Agent's Performance

Remember, your estate agent will be working for you, to get your house marketed and sold. But it's actually a two-way thing, and you will need to do what you can to help them do their job, too. Your agent should communicate with you if they think things should change, like a review of the asking price for example. And you should feel confident enough to ask about performance and see results or otherwise.

Tip: Have a clear understanding of your expectations and what you will want to review. Is it the number of people shown your property, or is it the number of hits on property websites? Is it about proactive calls made to prospective buyers, or is it to get an offer within a certain timeframe?

6. Same Difference

When you are narrowing down your shortlist, have a look at the properties for sale in St Helens that each agent sells.

  • Are they similar to your house?
  • Do they have any experience selling homes similar to your property?
  • Can they talk with good knowledge about the local area?
  • How accurate are their valuations?

All of these are a must because you need to know that your agent knows what they are doing and can convey that to a prospective buyer.

Tip: If you want to know how much similar properties have sold for have a look online so that you are fully informed.

7. Trust your Gut Instinct

There's a lot to be said for getting a feel for whether you have picked the best agent to market your property in St Helens. Something may simply click into place when you're having a conversation, or you may know immediately that the agent is for you. Trust your instinct as it may well be right.

Tip: While we say trust your instinct, make sure you also carry out the checks and reviews as well!

For no-obligation advice on selling your St Helens property, please contact our expert team at Burns and Reid on 01744 752898.
You can also get an instant valuation or request a valuation.

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