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We hate to say it, and yes it may seem early, but we need to talk about the 'c' word. That's right, Christmas!

This year, property has been selling like never before, particularly since the easing of Lockdown measures. We are taking on more properties, which in turn are receiving greater interest, more offers and overall a better result for the seller. This is therefore a fantastic time to be selling your property with us!

However, something to bear in mind is that, as with all industries currently, conveyancing is sometimes taking a little longer than usual, what with tighter restrictions from lenders, legal staff and surveyors being out of the office on furlough, whilst seeing an increasing demand for their services.

With the average sale taking approximately 12 weeks from sale agreed to completion, if you're thinking of selling and hope to complete this side of Christmas, now is the time to get things moving!

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