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Being a UK landlord comes with a multitude of responsibilities, from property maintenance to tenant management. Juggling these tasks can be overwhelming, which is why many landlords are asking is it worth using a letting agent in St Helens to streamline their property management.

In this blog post, we will explore the key reasons why landlords in St Helens should consider using the services of a letting agent. From tenant screening to property maintenance, letting agents in St Helens can offer a range of benefits to make the life of a landlord significantly easier.

What Is The Purpose Of A Letting Agent?

1. Expert Tenant Screening and Selection

The most crucial aspect of being a landlord is finding reliable and responsible tenants. However, tenant selection is not just about filling a vacancy; it’s about ensuring the longevity of your property investment. Letting agents in St Helens have the experience and resources to thoroughly screen potential tenants, significantly reducing the risk of problematic renters.

  • Comprehensive Background Checks: Letting agents have access to resources that allow them to perform thorough background checks on potential tenants. This includes checking credit history, rental history, and any legal issues. Additionally, by identifying red flags early on, letting agents can help landlords avoid problematic tenants.
  • Reduced Vacancy Periods: Letting agents often have an extensive network of potential tenants. This means your property can be advertised and occupied quickly, reducing void periods.
  • Quality Tenants: Letting agents use their experience to identify quality tenants. That’s those who are likely to pay rent on time, respect the property, and the terms of the rental agreement. Furthermore, this can lead to better landlord-tenant relationships and lower turnover rates.

2. Efficient Property Management and Maintenance


Property management in St Helens is a time-consuming task that involves everything from routine maintenance to addressing emergency repairs. Additionally – and crucially, letting agents take the burden off the landlords’ shoulders and ensure a well-maintained and compliant property.

  • Timely Repairs and Maintenance: Letting agents have a network of trusted contractors who can quickly address any issues that arise. This ensures the property remains in good condition and that tenants are satisfied.
  • Legal Compliance: The UK has many laws and regulations that landlords must adhere to, from safety standards to tenancy agreements. Letting agents are well-versed in these regulations and ensure that landlords are in compliance, then reducing the risk of legal issues.
  • 24/7 Emergency Support: Property emergencies can happen at any time. Letting agents offer “out of hours” emergency support, ensuring that urgent issues are dealt with promptly.

3. Time and Stress Savings for Landlords


Being a landlord involves wearing multiple hats, but this can take a toll on time and stress levels – indeed this is where it is worth using a letting agent. Letting agents provide valuable time and stress savings by taking care of administrative tasks and day-to-day property management.

  • Tenant Communication: Letting agents act as intermediaries between landlords and tenants, handling communication about repairs, rent payments, and other concerns. This minimises direct involvement for landlords, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their lives.
  • Marketing Expertise: Letting agents have marketing expertise that will help your property stand out in a competitive market. From professional photos to compelling property descriptions, they know how to attract potential tenants effectively.
  • Legal Expertise: Navigating the legal intricacies of tenancy agreements, evictions, and indeed property rights can be daunting. Letting agents offer expert advice and guidance on these matters, ensuring that landlords can make informed decisions.

Why You Should Leverage the Expertise of a Letting Agent in St Helens


In the dynamic and fast-paced world of property management in St Helens, the answer to the question, ‘is it worth using a letting agent?’ is a resounding yes! Letting agents play a crucial role in simplifying the lives of landlords. This includes expert tenant screening through to the equally important efficient property management. Finally, by leveraging the expertise of letting agents, landlords can save time, reduce stress and enhance the value and profitability of their property investments.

What Next?

If you’re a landlord with rental properties in St Helens and are considering the services of a letting agent, then our team at Burns and Reid would love to hear from you. Book a valuation or email us at or call us on 01744 752898 to see how we can make your rental property ownership more rewarding for you.

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