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50%[1] of properties in the UK built before 1999 are estimated to have asbestos, and it’s not uncommon to discover that your home contains hazardous material so it’s crucial you know the facts.

Selling a home that contains asbestos is legal, but there are some rules you need to follow – particularly if you are aware that your home contains the product or if you know it’s damaged and causing a risk to the health of anyone that purchases your home.

If your home contains asbestos and you are wondering what you need to consider when selling it, here’s an overview of how to sell a home with asbestos in the UK and what legal requirements you need to bear in mind.

Do I Have to Disclose Asbestos to Buyers?

Yes, in the UK you have to disclose asbestos to buyers if you know about it. This is particularly important if you know the asbestos is disturbed or damaged and presents an issue to the health of anyone that purchases your property.

How Do I Know if I Have Asbestos in My Home?

Asbestos was officially banned in the UK in 1999, but usage of the product in the construction of residential properties started to decline around the 1980s. If your home was built before the ban, particularly during the 60s or 70s, it could contain asbestos somewhere.

However, the product is hard to identify, particularly since it can be hidden. There are two things you can do to identify whether your home has asbestos.

  • Arrange a survey from a chartered surveyor
  • Get a laboratory test done on the suspected areas

Usually, it’s not necessary to get a test done unless you need to remove asbestos during a home renovation project. Simply having a surveyor inspect the property can be enough to determine whether your home potentially contains asbestos or not.  

Can Asbestos Impact a Sale?

Generally, having asbestos in your home won’t impact the sale. However, there are some exceptions. Asbestos becomes dangerous when it’s damaged.

If the asbestos in your home is damaged and provides a threat to people’s health when living in the property, it can put buyers off and lower the amount of interest you get in your property. Plus, since any buyer will have to pay to fix the asbestos issues, it can also negatively impact the value your property is priced at.

Get a Valuation

Asbestos doesn’t have to cause an issue when selling your home. It all depends on where it is and what condition the asbestos is in.

If you need advice from an expert about selling your Warrington home with asbestos, Home Estate Agents are your local property experts. We are happy to arrange a valuation of your home and offer advice around how to sell a home with asbestos in Warrington.

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