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According to the Energy Saving Trust, "four in ten of us avoid switching our heating on during colder spells due to fears of high energy bills". With the cold weather upon us and energy costs still high, it’s important to know efficient ways to keep your house warm in winter. Whether you own your property or you’re renting in St Helens, finding ways to reduce costs couldn’t be more vital.

With this in mind, the team at Burns & Reid Estate Agents have 6 helpful tips for you, so that you can stay toasty in your St Helens property this winter.

1. Bleed Your Radiators For Efficiency

Check radiators to see if they feel colder at the top than at the bottom. If so, there may be some cold air trapped inside which is stopping hot water from filling the radiator and preventing it from heating up. You can fix this problem by bleeding your radiator to release the trapped air. The hot water will be able to start flowing inside again, and that will allow even heating of the radiator to heat the room more effectively.

How to Bleed A Radiator

  • Insert a radiator key into the bleed valve (located on the top side of the radiator).
  • Place a towel underneath to catch any water.
  • Twist the radiator key anti-clockwise. You will hear a hissing sound as the air escapes.
  • Close it again when water starts leaking from the valve.
  • Tighten up the radiator valve by turning the key clockwise.

2. Keep Radiators Uncovered For Warm Air Flow

It can be tempting to put damp laundry on your radiators to dry. But if you allow the top of your radiators to become covered with clothing (or any other items), the warm air won’t be able to flow. This will stop the heat from circulating. Use a clothes airer instead, or dry your laundry outdoors whenever possible.

3. Add Effective Draught Proofing For A Warmer Home

Make sure to draught-proof any areas where cold air could be creeping into your rooms. Draught excluders can be purchased for use with your doors, and you can buy foam self-adhesive tape to apply to your windows. Think about your keyholes and letterboxes too. You can buy items in DIY stores that will block out any cold air coming through these small gaps.

4. Consider Re-Furniture To Avoid Trapped Warmth

Move furniture items such as sofas and beds away from your radiators so that the flow of warm air isn't blocked. Whenever possible, hang thermal curtains over your windows and doors. This will help keep the warmth in your rooms.

5. Insulate Your Property Effectively

If you own your own property in St Helens make sure you have sufficient insulation. Check your loft, under floors and in external walls as well as around the hot water cylinder. If you’re a tenant, it may be worth speaking with your landlord about insulation options.

6. Service The Boiler Regularly

If the boiler in your St Helens property is inefficient, your energy bills will take a serious hit! Make sure you get the boiler serviced once a year and that your thermostats are frequently checked too. If the thermostat is old, it can sometimes delay the heating up of your home, or could even heat it to a higher temperature than necessary.

Follow our tips to keep your house warm in winter, and you should find that you stay cosy!

If you’re interested in buying or renting a more energy-efficient property in St Helens or for more property ideas and advice, please drop in and talk to the expert team at Burns and Reid. You can also request a valuation, call us on 01744 752898 or email us at