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While country kitchens are not a new and emerging trend, the style continuously finds innovative ways to reinvent itself.

Particularly popular for those with large families, the country kitchen turns the room into the heart of the home, providing a space to cook, relax, and socialise.

The traditional country kitchen will never go out of style. Whilst interior fashions will continually evolve, we will all love and appreciate this design for as long as time itself!

For many years, people believed that the traditional country kitchen was only available to those with considerable space to work with. However, with a few clever tricks, you can transform just about any size space into the kitchen of your dreams.

Colour is Everything

No traditional country kitchen is complete without the earthy tones we all know and love.

Painted cabinets are one of the most defining elements of a farmhouse style kitchen. Whether you chose a chalk-like textured paint or something with a smooth finish, the colour you opt for will undoubtedly set the tone of the entire room.

Pastel and light shades are favourites for country kitchens, keeping the space bright and airy, yet adding a touch of personality. Sage is a stunning colour for this kitchen style and paired with brass accessories a timeless room can be created that will never go out of fashion.

If you decide on a bolder or more daring colour, do not feel like you have to use it for every cabinet. Using a different colour on the upper and lower cupboards can add an extra dimension to your kitchen.

Invest in Traditional Appliances

Investing in traditional appliances for your country kitchen is an expensive task. You can emulate a fantastic traditional space without these pieces, but incorporating them will elevate the room to the next level.

A classic farmhouse stove is an investment, but one that you will not regret. It will effortlessly tie the whole room together and become a real centrepiece.  Investing in big pieces such as a stove gives you the freedom to mix and match with other, maybe more modern elements, yet still retain the kitchen’s traditional look.

If you are working with a tighter budget, do not be afraid of searching the second-hand market. Many beautiful pre-loved items work perfectly and are a fraction of the price.

Traditional or Modern Flooring?

Flooring can make or break a traditional country kitchen.

This one feature has the massive job of tying the whole room together. With such a vast array of options, it can be challenging to know which flooring is best suited to your kitchen and tastes.

Ceramic tiles create a durable, everlasting elegance and are available in pretty much any design, colour, and style. A more muted tile can complement a brighter kitchen, creating a sophisticated interior that wows anyone who enters.

Conversely, a bohemian style can be created with Mediterranean tiles. Or, tie together a traditional Victorian home using black and white checkerboard ceramics.

Wooden floors are a perfect fit for traditional kitchens. If you are lucky enough to have excellent floorboards, they can be varnished or painted to create an effortless flooring solution. However, if you already have exposed woodwork elsewhere in the kitchen, you may prefer a contrasting option to complement the existing features.

Invest in a Kitchen Island

If your floor space affords it, then a kitchen island will surely complete the room. The island creates a focal point. It builds a place for everyone to gather, whilst providing an excellent amount of storage space.

Where space might be tighter, and to add a slightly modern twist, you can consider incorporating a breakfast bar and a kitchen island together. This encourages people to relax in the kitchen whilst you are cooking, making it ideal for dinner parties. Creating a social element to the room whilst developing a multifunctional space.

Concentrate on The Details

The beauty of every room is in its details. Adding antique touches to your kitchen will make the overall finish appear effortless. Use open shelving to display your items proudly.

Switching the plug sockets to ensure they are in keeping with the theme can drastically change the room. Brass details look exceptionally classy. Lightbulbs, light shades, blinds, and curtains should also be carefully considered.

The key to this room is in cohesion. Creating a space that ties together beautifully is not simple, but is well worth the work.

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