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If you’re thinking of making some improvements to your Warrington home then a conservatory can make a really nice addition to a property, and it will almost certainly add value.

The exact amount will depend on a number of factors, but roughly speaking you can expect it to add around 5% to the value of your home.

Ultimately, it’s an extra room in the house, and most houses will benefit from having more space, particularly if the conservatory is used to its potential, as a dining area or extra lounge for example.

Before committing to any major expense though, you should take a number of factors into consideration.

●     Check If You Need Planning Permission

Most conservatories won’t require planning permission, but you should double-check with your local council before having any work carried out.

Having one built and then finding out you need planning permission afterwards can be a very expensive problem to deal with, and could easily wipe out any added value on your home.

●     Don’t Try To Cut Costs

If you’re serious about adding a conservatory to your property then make sure you get it built by a reputable company using quality materials.

If you’re planning to just slap a cheap conservatory on the back of your house with the intention of making an extra £10,000 when you come to sell then you could be in for a nasty shock.

While conservatories generally add value to a property, it’s only if they’re made of quality materials and have relevant safety certificates and guarantees with them.

●     Keep It Maintained

Maintaining your conservatory is vital to protecting the added value of your property. After all, if a new owner is going to come in and need to rip it down immediately then it’s not worth having in the first place.

Maintenance doesn’t need to be particularly expensive or time-consuming, just look after it in the way you do with the rest of the house. Regular vacuuming, dusting and cleaning of windows for example.

Bear in mind that during the winter months, in particular, there’s likely to be mud and dirt coming in and out, so it’s usually a good idea to go with a tiled or wooden floor and avoid carpet.

●     Make Sure It Blends In With Your Property

It’s rarely a good idea to think that adding a conservatory will automatically see a high return.

Some properties just aren’t suited to having a conservatory, while some companies may just be trying to sell the most expensive one they can with no regard for how it will look once finished.

So take your time when choosing, obtain a few quotes and go with a company you trust and who are looking to sell you the most suitable conservatory for your property, not just to line their own pockets.

●     Consider How It Will Look In Your Garden

Houses with small gardens are often just not suitable for a conservatory as they take up most or all of the available outdoor space.

If it’s your ‘forever home’ and you’re happy to take over the garden then go ahead, but if you’re planning on building a conservatory as a way of adding value to your property then it’s probably a good idea not to dominate your entire outdoor space with one.

Remember, when it comes to adding value you need to put yourself in a potential buyer’s shoes, and if they’re looking for a property with a garden then yours won’t meet the criteria.

●     Ensure You’re Getting It For The Right Reasons

First and foremost, a conservatory is best added as an additional room that you’re going to use. Whether it’s as an additional dining area, living room, playroom, office or even an extension of your kitchen, it should be something that’s going to be used and enjoyed.

If your sole intention is to add value to your property so you can make a return on your investment then it’s wise to carry out some research before going ahead.

Find out how much other properties in your area have sold for with and without conservatories to see if it makes as big a difference as you hope.

Contact us on 01925 405400 or email and ask for our opinion as we are more than happy to appraise your property.