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The sun is shining – it’s a good day.

And so, what better way to spend it than being outside across the town.

Here are six of the best things to do when the weather is so.

Visit Walton Hall and Gardens

Whether it be for a scenic walk, family day out to visit the zoo or play adventure golf, there is something for everyone at the Gardens.

Take a walk around Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden.

Tranquillity personified. Enjoy a walk around the stunning garden and enjoy a cold drink at the café to top it off.

Go to Gulliver’s

There are few better ideas than to go to the theme park and resort this weekend. A little cool down from the Alpine log Flume wouldn't go amiss either.

Stroll around Lymm Dam

With the sun beaming down, whether it be sat down on a bench or walking around, enjoy the views of Lymm Dam.It is just a stone’s throw away from the village too if you wish to nip for refreshments.

See Spud Wood

Get lost in Lymm’s nature at Spud Wood with greenery everywhere you look. A great walk for those interested in nature or who just want the space to be free.

Boat on the Bridgewater Canal

You can hire a dayboat at Thorn Marine to soak up the weather in one of the most relaxing ways. Visitors can enjoy the canal in all of its glory.

Article Source: Accessed 21.3.22